The Luxury of Silence

It’s in real quiet that we find ourselves again, and this is the kind of quiet that hardly exist to most people anymore. Quiet away from the endless chores, daily grind and busy work that has no end. Quiet away from children, spouses and the aches of wanting family to be something other than what […]

Ashley Paquin - Italy - Coach

Belonging, Life

The Safety in Trying New Things

When adults establish that they’re a secure and trusting base for each other, and meet each other’s needs, they will feel OK to go out into the world, and explore and try things. When we have the sense that someone is there, we’ll take a little more risk. This is one beautiful thing about having […]


Thinking that Limits You, Denies You

“Thinking that limits you denies you life. In order to deconstruct the inner prison, the first step is learning to see that it is a prison. You can move in the direction of this discovery by reflecting on the places where your life feels limited and tight. To recognize the crippling feeling of being limited […]