Ashley's Story

Master NLP Practitioner & Mindfulness Teacher

I offer heart-centered solutions to life’s challenges and curiosities (with a splash of science) to help you have the best outcome in life.

Hi, I'm Ashley

For 15 years, clients have affectionately referred to me their 'professional best friend'. 

I support people to become their true Self and create what they really want in life (from this newfound place). 

My clients are usually at some crossroads where something has changed or needs to change paving the way for greater transformation, healing, success, fulfillment, joy and well-being. 

Maybe life is good, but you know it could be better. Maybe you've invested in yourself to have the good outcome, but have plateaued. 

Maybe you've tried a lot of things to have a good life, but you need better support, community, practices and tools. 

Master NLP Practitioner and Mindfulness Teacher since 2008.

"The inability to make the changes you want isn’t a character flaw.  There is truly nothing wrong with you". 

Most of the blocks and limitations we experience are encoded unconsciously in the brain. It’s the stuff you feel and experience, but can’t seem to pinpoint what it is or how to change it.

This can be a frustrating, costly and a heart-breaking experience, but there is a way forward. 

The human brain is similar to a smartphone, running specific code that doesn't update on its own. This code (our beliefs) is largely responsible for what we experience in life. 

As a Master NLP practitioner, I use techniques and tools, not theories and ideas, to help respectfully revise and update said code so that you can create the life you want with less struggle or set-back. 

This work marries science and the heart so you can have the best outcome with wealth, health, relationships, etc. 

We'll focus on the 5% of things in your life that will get you 95% of the results, and bypass the need for willpower, as that's exhausting and unsustainable. 

People always ask, "Hey Ash, how did you get into doing this coaching and NLP work?"

In 2008, I survived a near-death bike accident that left me with a broken clavicle and cheek, and three months of severe vertigo. I was in school for ESL to travel and teach, but it lacked meaning and purpose (for me). 

This was an extremely challenging time, and I found myself at a significant crossroads in life, feeling very unsure about what to do next or how I was going to get there. The bike accident was a push forward quite literally (you can watch the story HERE). 

During that time, something became very clear...

In The Beginning

I realized that when we change what's going on inside, everything outside changes as a result - that all things change when we change. 

I started as a health coach in 2008, but it was the feedback from clients that encouraged me to find what's most effective and supportive for lasting growth, healing and change. 

This significant 'aha' moment changed the course of my career, leading me to become a master NLP practitioner and a committed heart-centered mindfulness teacher. 

The Journey Forward

I work with clients around the world as the founder and host of the Creator Collective, and am often traveling to host workshops (with you) along the pilgrimage paths of the world. 

I'm happiest and most alive outside, and you can usually find me fishing, hiking or in some foreign city eating all the things. 

I prefer analog to digital, salty to sweet and foreign to known. I detest pop-spirituality so you won't find much of that around here ,) 

Now: the Future

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this work has helped:

My Life Experience

Co-founded HUSH, a modern mindfulness studio in Portland, Oregon that served the most innovative people.

Working on dual-citizenship with France. 

Organized retreats/experiences in Portugal (4 times), Paris, Zürich, England, Umbria, and Portland (Oregon). Focused on procuring unique spaces and fantastic partnerships.

Built a six-figure global coaching practice the bootstrap way before Instagram was a thing. 

Creating learning material for lots of people on YouTube to help lead humanity forward. 


dual citizen

host and partner



For a decade to the late David Hartwell Sawyer; strategist to the Dalai Lama, the White House Clinton Administration, etc.


Took a 2,200 mile (3540 km) motorcycle trip in search of wild horses, hot springs, quiet, and I lived out of a backpack.


Married a C-suite executive and know intimately the stress and challenges of big work. 


Completed 11 five-day meditation retreats and awarded myself a platinum "Iron Butt" medal.


Took a year sabbatical to walk off the map, question what's normal and to push back on "should".