I teach Women how to feel better about themselves and enjoy teaching the complexities of life in the simplest way possible. 


the work

Clients often call me their professional best friend.
I think of myself as an experienced and well-trained companion to assist you in having more of what you want with a lot less struggle.

In 2008, I survived a near-death bike accident that left me with a broken clavicle and cheek, and three months of severe vertigo. This experience gave me a lot of time to think about what I was doing with my life as it was an extremely confusing, dizzying and challenging time. 

I was in school for ESL to teach and travel, but it lacked purpose. I wanted to feel happy and engaged with what I was doing, but struggled with fear, unworthiness and the confusion that goes along with wanting to change. 


During that time, two things became very clear to me: (1) I wanted to feel better about myself but didn’t understand how. (2) I wanted to feel more purposeful and useful in the world, but was clueless where to find this.

The bike accident gave me the push to do something different and helped me learn how I was going to make a positive impact - by helping people feel better. 

For me, helping women have a better life gives me direction and joy. 

I started this business in 2008 with nothing but a dream.

I’m a certified, trained and experienced life coach, health coach, master NLP practitioner and mindfulness teacher, and have devoted 25+ years to my own personal development. 

I built a successful global coaching practice the bootstrap way on nothing but a dream (and a lot of trial and error). 

the timeline

I just finished from a year-long sabbatical traveling the world. This showed me the complexities of cultures, people and customs, and what most seem to be longing for. This was life-changing and heartbreaking at the same time.

Currently, I split time between the mountains in the US and other parts of the globe. I’m working on dual citizenship with France and live to travel.


I started as a health coach with an interest in detoxing, optimal health and the mind-body connection. I quickly realized how much the inner journey impacts one's physical well-being, and changed course to become a life coach and master NLP practitioner. 


This was an incredibly insightful time learning how humans work- from the inside out. 

Profound positive change doesn’t require you to jump out of planes, walk across fire or dance with a snake charmer unless those are the things you want to do.

I work with (professional) women usually at a crossroads that want to feel better and write their next chapter in life. Clients have usually sought out therapy, self-help books and even maybe hired a life coach, yet still seem to struggle with making the progress they want and need to make.


why I do this work

This work is about connecting you back to what matters most, and sharing experiences (usually in beautiful places) that help you feel better about yourself and what you're doing in the world. 

Change, whether positive or negative, can be awkward and confusing yet there are profound tools to make the process easier and dare I say enjoyable.

When we're offline we're walking the pilgrimage paths of the old world (France, Portugal and Italy), or wandering the quiet and majestic mountains of the western US because nature is our conference room. 

When we're online we're doing the same work but with a greater global community. 

Some call the work we do a miracle, others call it science. The inability to make the changes you want isn’t a character flaw or impairment - it is a neurological miswire. There is truly nothing wrong with you. If there are behaviors or beliefs that are no longer useful for you, those can be respectfully changed. 

Most of the blocks and limitations we experience are encoded unconsciously in the brain -- it’s the stuff you feel and experience, but can’t seem to pinpoint what it is or how to change it. Human brains are just like smartphones and have specific code running which creates the experience you're having in life. This code is often very old and doesn’t update on its own, but there are tools to update this so that you can experience life with more ease and peace, and a lot less struggle.

How this work is different:

Our work together changes what’s creating the blocks or limitations at the unconscious and neurological level - so it’s not willpower that determines your success, but your wiring. 

We use techniques and tools, not theories and ideas, to help revise in your brain what’s creating the experience you do or don’t want to have. The relief that can be experienced from this is often palpable, energizing, and the changes are remarkably deep and lasting. 

Each human, and their experience, are held with great respect and appreciation. This makes you who you are. 

We know how to work with life, not against it, and lead with compassion and curiosity versus shame and judgement. 

Your well-being is the most important contribution you have to make in this life, and this work supports that. 

Work with life, not against it

The three pillars of the work


To change what is going on outside, we must change what is going on inside. Mindset and belief transformation are the core of the work we do.  

Our work together will help revise what you think, feel and believe about yourself and what’s possible as we respectfully shift old and often very outdated patterns that keep you stuck and often in frustrating experiences. 

All things change when we change


It’s hard to know what you want when you don’t know who you are now or what you’re working towards. This, coupled with outdated beliefs, can make it very hard to have a better experience in life and all the tangible benefits that go along with that. 

Our work together will help you gain exceptional clarity about who you want to become and what you want to create now. 



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