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I Help (Professional) Women Usually at a Crossroads Feel Better About Themselves And What They're Doing in the World

In 2008, I survived a near-death bike accident that left me with a broken clavicle and cheek, and three months of severe vertigo.

This was an extremely challenging and it forced me to think about what I was doing with my life. 

I was in school for ESL to teach and travel, but it felt like it lacked purpose. I wanted to feel happy and engaged with what I was doing, but was struggled with fear and the confusion that goes along with wanting to change. 

The bike accident was the push forward quite literally and set me on the path of this work, and it forever changed my life.


During that time, something became very clear:

I wanted to help people but didn’t understand how or where to begin.

Helping women have a better life gives me direction and joy

I started this business in 2008 with nothing but a dream.

I’m a certified, trained and experienced life coach, health coach, master NLP practitioner and mindfulness teacher.

I've spent a good part of my adult life studying specifically how humans work, and refining my skillset which leans heavily on neuroscience to help you achieve the change you want with less struggle or setback. 

I have devoted 25+ years to my own personal development, and have attended 15 five-day meditation retreats to which I've won a self-appointed "Iron Butt" gold medal. 

I built a successful global coaching practice the bootstrap way long before Instagram was a thing which helped me learn how to build relationships and communities, not algorithms. Respectfully. 

the timeline

I just finished a year-long sabbatical traveling the world with my (new) husband. This was both a life-changing and heartbreaking experience, and it deepened my commitment to want to help women.

I'm often between the Rocky Mountains in the US (which is home) and the old world. I’m working on dual citizenship with France and love being outside in the trees more than anywhere. 


I started as a health coach with an interest in detoxing, optimal health and the mind-body connection.

I quickly realized that when we change what's going on inside, everything outside changes as a results. I changed course to become a life coach and master NLP practitioner. 


Profound positive change doesn’t require you to jump out of planes, walk across fire or dance with a snake charmer unless those are the things you want to do.

That's the old way of doing things and there are better, more supportive tools to help you get where you want to go. 

Clients have usually sought out therapy, self-help books and even maybe hired a life coach, yet still seem to struggle with making the progress they want and need to make.

Why this

why I do this work

Our work together is about helping you have more of what you want with a lot less struggle.

The community and friendships built around this work are the gold thread around what I do. 

For me, building a network of women that stretches continents is why I do what I do. Women that are clear, aimed towards what they want while being supported to move through blocks are the leaders the world so desperately needs. 

You can read some of their incredible transformations here

Some call the work we do a miracle, others call it science. The inability to make the changes you want isn’t a character flaw or impairment - it is a neurological miswire. There is truly nothing wrong with you. 

Most of the blocks and limitations we experience are encoded unconsciously in the brain -- it’s the stuff you feel and experience, but can’t seem to pinpoint what it is or how to change it.

Human brains are just like smartphones and have specific code running which creates the experience you're having in life. This code is often very old and doesn’t update on its own, but there are tools to update this so that you can experience life with more ease and peace, and a lot less struggle.

How this work is different:

Our work together changes what’s creating the blocks or limitations at the unconscious and neurological level - so it’s not willpower that determines your success, but your wiring. 

The energy, creativity and life-force this can free up for you is incredible. 

We use techniques and tools, not theories and ideas, to help revise in your brain what’s creating the experience you do or don’t want to have.

The relief that can be experienced from this is often palpable, energizing, and the changes are remarkably deep and lasting. 

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