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Do you want more success in life - with less stress,  set-backs or limitations?

Are you tired of trying to figure out what you're doing wrong or why your truest efforts to gain clarity, purpose, money and love aren't working?

Are you done with sleepless nights and want to experience success in all aspects of life?

Hi, friends. I'm Ash.

Let me simplify what quite often causes so much struggle for us humans.
Humans have two very powerful machines: the mind and the heart. These two machines often work against each other, which can make life crazy, hard, and quite confusing on times - making dreams feel almost impossible. I completely get it.  What makes how I work unique is that we learn to marry the two - the mind AND the heart.

My professional training as a master NLP practitioner does the heady belief change work, which affects behavior, capabilities, and what you believe is true about yourself and the world. This doesn't require willpower and is result-driven. My practice as a mindfulness teacher is where we reconnect you to the heart, its innate Knowing, and your true intelligence. The heart's way is your tin can to the Universe and all its support and guidance. The heart, and love, heal everything. We can't work one machine and forget about the other so it's a YES/AND experience.

Clients often call this work a miracle. I call it effective and the way forward. If it's right for you, it will be really right for you.

Experience true success, clarity, love and purpose

Learn simple life-changing tools and practices to finally get unstuck and start a new cycle in life.

We marry the science mind with the heart for a profoundly helpful way forward. 

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Welcome more money, abundance and wealth

Start to transform your limiting beliefs around money and recreate your relationship to money.

Welcome more money, abundance and wealth, with less struggle. 

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The Heart's Way

Money Loves You

Travel changes you and imprints you with nuances that can be truly life-changing. 

I search the world over for partners and places in astoundingly beautiful areas of the world that are rich in culture and history, and near the sacred pilgrimage paths around the globe. 

“The Paths,” as I call them, are pilgrimage routes around the world that have pulled thousands of people together for centuries in search of more meaning and direction.

These retreats marry immersive travel, personal development and community. And they're a hoot.

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Join me for these 1-hour life-changing masterclasses taught to a live audience.

Get Unstuck & Make Real Progress

July 2024

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5 x New School Laws of Manifestation

June 2024

Here, I'm teaching 5 x New School Laws to Manifestation and why you need this. You'll learn and experience manifesting that's based in neuroscience but heart-forward. We're not just talking about manifestation, but I'm taking you through a powerful exercise to manifest real-time.

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August 2024

Money Mindset 2.0 
Change your money beliefs

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Due to the nature of digital products, there are no refunds on Masterclasses.

Here, you will start to transform your relationship with money. You'll discover the biggest unconscious limiting beliefs you have around money and we'll do an exercise to respectfully revise and update them so you can welcome more money, abundance, choice and freedom.

Here, I'll teach you how to get unstuck & make real progress in life. We'll discover the true value of being stuck but really, how to get unstuck in ways that dare I say, are easy. More success, less struggle is the motto.


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