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Ashley's flagship transformational course (and community) that's helped hundreds of women around the world for 15 years get clear, define their purpose and develop steady confidence. 

This is for women at a crossroads in life that need support.



A free online summit to inspire and lead things forward. Join us for a rich conversation with women of various professions and passions sharing stories of growth, community and how to lead things forward. 

Friday - June 2, 2023 

Women's Summit: A Global Conversation


2023 Offerings

Wired to Thrive

Finding more safety and ease during times of significant change like we're in is possible. 

Join me for this free mini-course to help bolster yourself as the world spins on. (This is all content, no selling:)


coach & Master nlp practitioner 

These key areas can have the greatest influence (positive or negative) on how you feel about yourself:

Belonging - in ourselves, with community and in the world - is a fundamental desire humans have. What if you felt like you really truly belonged somewhere, somehow and to someone(s)?

belonging, community and place

Ravishing, fulfilling and healthy relationships are the results of the kind of relationship one has with themself. What would your relationships be like if you had more compassion and love for yourself? 

love, partnership and eros

Money and worth impact how people feel about themselves, their actions and what is perceived as possible. How would your life be different with more money, wealth and self-worth?

money, wealth and worth

Direction and purpose adds great meaning and value to life, and shape more purposeful goals and aims. What would a more purposeful life look or feel like?

purpose and direction

Marriage, death, career change, divorce, global tragedies, aging, illness - these transition points in life are so profound and often challenging. What would make life’s big transitions easier or less stressful? 

life transitions

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I'm Ashley.

I help professional women (usually at a crossroads) feel better about themselves and what they're doing in the world. 

I'm a certified, trained and experienced life coach, health coach, master NLP practitioner and mindfulness teacher since 2008.

I've devoted 25+ years to my own personal development, and built a successful global coaching practice the bootstrap way.


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