I love partnering with forward-thinking  people creating things of value and impact while having fun doing it

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I am available for interviews, retreats, podcasts, fireside chats, corporate events, launches, educational presentations, social gatherings and so much more. 

Podcasts, video and TV interviews are my favorite ways to engage, create community and to share stories and tools.

If you’re wanting a more honest approach from a grounded individual in the world of self-help, some of my favorite topics to converse on are mindset and beliefs (how to actually change them), purpose, fear, wealth, mindfulness, how to thrive without social media, how to feel better in life and so much more. 

I’ve written for publications like Kinfolk and Darling and fancy that too.

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Do you own a retreat space and are looking to add some engaging, interesting and unique programming to your offerings? 

Are you looking for authentic brand representation from someone grounded and approachable? Are you wanting a solid JV partner? 

Are you a business coach, yoga teacher or life coach and want to hire me to teach what you'd rather not (mindset / efficient belief transformation)? 

Together in


The sky's the limit. 

After 14+ years of working alone, I find great joy in partnering with people. I am highly creative and love pushing the edge on what's cookie cutter , recycled information or anything pop spirituality. 

I encourage you to send a note to say hello. 

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