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A Path to Becoming Your True Self and Creating What You Want

Why the Creator Collective?

The Creator Collective is a path forward to help you start a new cycle, become your true Self and create more of what you want in life. 

The Collective's sole purpose is to support people in becoming the creators of their life. 

It's a place to learn, grow, heal, dream, create and celebrate what is now possible especially if you've been lost or stuck.

This is my mission and brainchild 15+ years in the making. 

The Collective is to help lead humanity and create a world aimed towards goodness, kindness, peace and well-being.

When you do well, we all do well and that's what this work lives for. 

Access my simple 4 x step process to become your true Self and start to create what you want in life. 

This process includes four steps: Appreciate, Transform, Clarify and Co-Create so that you can go from stuck and confused to knowing who you are (now) and what you want.

What's Included:

Join bi-weekly calls with a client care coach (or Ashley) and the global community so you can ask questions, share successes and celebrate progress. Calls are 1-hour, live and recorded. 

Ashley will answer the community's biggest burning questions with a video reply. You can vote on which question Ashley will answer, and be a part of the beautiful and progressing change work.

Be a part of global community of kind people from around the world becoming the creators of their life. 

Share in community resourcing: ask, receive, give, share.

Ashley's 8-week course of foundational curriculum

Bi-weekly Creator community Q&A calls:

Answers to Your questions:

Community, friendship and allys:

What makes this different?

The Creator Collective offers some of my best heart-forward solutions to life's challenges with a sprinkle of science. This means more success with less struggle.

I teach self-sustaining tools for lasting positive change that you can use 6 month or 6 years from now. 

The key topics covered in the Collective...

Old / New self

Alchemizing fear



overcoming confusion


finding clarity


This is right for you if:

something has changed or needs to change for more fulfillment or success. 


YOU want to feel confident and clear.

You want tangible results and progress.

you need to find the right path.

YOu're tired of feeling lost and stuck.


YOU'RE IN CRISIS MODE or need a foundation.



you'd rather stay stuck and complain.

This isn't right for you if:

This work has helped:

Are you ready to join the Creator Collective?

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Standard Founding Members Investment - $997.00 USD (Regular investment: $1,997 USD)
Discount only available for a limited time.

pay in installments

Join as a founding member and save $400 on the early bird investment. PAY $597.00 instead of $997
(use code: LETSPARTY) when you choose to pay in full.

you'll also receive the life-changing bonus:
Money Loves You

  • Discover who you really are now especially after a spell of confusion
  • Success in all aspects of life - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, sexually and financially
  • More confidence
  • Clarity as to what you really want - now
  • Resources so you can help yourself through life's difficulties (fear, doubt, shaky confidence, etc.)
  • Freedom
  • Simple mindfulness practices for a healthy and successful life
  • Stronger intuition and clearer access to the Force
  • More vitality, creativity and joy as you're resolving 'stuckness'
  • Knowing how to co-create with life
  • Direction, purpose and a more fulfilled life
  • Working with life, not against it
  • A mindset wired towards success
  • Opportunities, chance meetings and feeling connected to life

Results possible:

What the Collective is:

8-weeks of foundational curriculum that's result-driven and fun.

A global community of co-creators working to change their lives.

6-months long.

a path forward to start a new cycle - confirmation you're doing it right.


support for how TO START / run A NEW BUSINESS.

marketing support for businesses.

A SUBSTITUTE for needed therapy.

run-of-the-mill or blah pop spirituality.

What the Collective isn't:

Join the Global Community of Seekers

Want to see what's actually possible through the Creator Collective?

read client success stories below

Have Questions?

Have Questions?

Q: Is this a live experiences hosted by Ashley or DIY?
A: It's both. There's a recorded online component, and bi-weekly live Q&A calls a month with a client success coach (or Ashley).

Q: Is the Collective where I can change all my limiting beliefs? 
A: No. We don't do belief change work. That's secondary to the Collective. 

Q: Is there refund policy?
A: Yes. You have 7-days from the date of your investment to request a refund if this isn't right for you. This is contingent on your use of the material and participation.

Q: What happens after I invest?
A: Please check the email you used to process the investment. Next steps to join the Creator Collective are sent to that email. * Please check your spam folder. 

Q: Will I really get the changes I need? 
A: We believe in the efficacy of this work without question, and your success is dependent on your participation. Do the coursework and engage, see changes. Don't do the coursework and engage, don't see changes.

Q: What's included in the course? 
A: The course is 8-weeks and filled with transformational curriculum (audio, videos, slides, PDFs and some homework). 

Q: How much time do I need per week to do the material? 
A: Allow 1 hour per week. There's 8-weeks of material. Each week consists of about 3 videos. Each video is about 10 minutes long.  

Q: Can I pay in installments? 
A: Yes - three installments. Please know you'll pay slightly more due to processing fees. 

Q: How long do I have access to all this? 
A: For 6-months from the date of investment. 

Q: Do I get lifetime access? 
A: No, sorry. Ashley believes "lifetime access" is an impossible deliverable therefore dishonest. Ashley is constantly investing in her skill-set, and things become obsolete and/or recreated with time. 

Q: How long has Ashley been doing this kind of work? 
A: Since 2008, so for about 15 years. 

Q: What if I can’t make the live Q&A calls?
A: The Q + A calls are recorded. You can also submit a question to which Ashley picks the highest voted questions. She makes a reply video for the top questions each month. 

Q: What are the community guidelines? 
A: They're simple: be kind and respectful, no selling your product or service, no sleazy DMs to anyone in the community, and no drama. If you break these guidelines, you'll be removed from the Collective without a refund.

Q: Do I have to have a Facebook account to join the community?
A: No. We use Circle for our community.

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