Curated, Highly transformative and beautiful experiences

Since 2008, I've curated culturally immersive transformational experiences which are a celebration of friendship, possiblity and place.

What we can do in a room together far surpasses what we can do online. Retreats are the hearth to this work and clients, old and new, gather from around the world to gain profound clarity, expand what's possible and to improve well-being.

We gather along the pilgrimage paths in the old world (Portugal, Italy, France) or in pristine forest of the Rocky Mountains (USA). 

"The Paths" as I call them hold thousands of years of meaning and purpose, and we walk them so you can walk yourself home and to a happier and healthier way of being and doing.

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Lagos, Portugal

Colorado, USA

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Traveling is my first true love. 

In 2017, I held a client retreat in Lagos, Portugal in a restored castle along the pilgrimage path of Camino de Santiago. Here, I decided to trade hideous conference rooms for beautiful spaces rich in natural beauty, local spirit and tradition. Retreats are transformative experiences, intentional wandering and celebrations of community.

I search the world over for places (and partners) rich in culture and history, where we travel and eat like locals, and celebrate hidden places untouched by excessive tourism. 

We gather along the pilgrimage paths of the old world (Italy, France, Portugal), or in the pristine and empty forests of the Rocky Mountains (USA). We walk the same paths thousands of others have in search of more meaning, fulfillment and purpose. 

I'm a mindfulness teacher, master NLP Practitioner and retreat host since 2008. I work with success-minded spiritual seekers ready for the next level of healing, growth and success.

Your Host: Ashley

Building and running programming for transformative retreats is something I love doing.

There is a quickly growing wellness-forward travel market geared towards eco-travel with a focus on personal development.

If you're interested in hiring me for your retreat programming (or workshop) that marries modern mindfulness, personal development and travel - please reach out below.

I've hosted retreats in: Lisbon, Lagos (Portugal), Umbria, Zürich, Paris, San Francisco, Portland (Oregon) and soon-to-be Colorado -- 8 international retreats and more workshops in the USA than I can count.

Key focus topics: clarity, life's purpose, money mindset and a new direction in life.

We're travelers, not tourists, in search of more meaning, authenticity, well-being, and community.

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Past Retreats

A taste of previous retreats I've held around the world.

We've traded hideous conference rooms for 12th century castles (blessed by a pope) in Umbria, seaside Portuguese estates along the El Camino del Santiago and the pristine Colorado Rockies.