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Private Sessions with Ashley

finally have the clarity, Success and freedom you Want with a lot less struggle.

Private sessions are profoundly helpful if you feel stuck or confused, and have if you've tried a lot of things to change your experience (with little luck). 

These sessions will help you have the best possible outcome in life, love or business.

Sessions are $395 USD and between 90-120 minutes. We work to discover what you'd like for yourself very specifically (in life, work, love, money, health, self-esteem, etc.) and what's getting in the way of that. 

From there, we'll work to transform the unconscious blocks or beliefs getting in the way of what you want. We approach everything with love, curiosity and compassion for the human experience.

I invite you to read what can be possible through our session - client success stories.

We meet on Zoom and sessions are not recorded. There's nothing you need to do to prepare other than maybe think about what you would like. If that's not easy at the moment, just come as you are.  I'm looking forward to celebrating your success and joy! 


These sessions are especially helpful if you've tried a lot of things to have the change you want, yet still feel stuck in beliefs, behaviors or habits that are no longer needed or useful. 

Most of what keeps humans stuck is imprinted at a unconscious neurological level which can make the positive change you want very hard to reach on your own.  


Because of the efficacy of the work, you may only need one session. If there are layers to your experience, we can do more than one session, but weekly sessions are not needed.