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friday, June 2nd 

Leadership is so much about dealing with or addressing mostly outward facing problems - but what about the human dealing with those problems?
Where’s the human and how is the human doing? 

Your Host:

Ashley Paquin, coach and master NLP practitioner since 2008, has worked to build rich communities of women around the world while helping them have the positive change they want with a lot less struggle. 

Ashley is a wizard at asking just the right questions to elicit deep and meaningful conversations that are all fun most of the time. 

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Why This, Why Now?


We’re on the forefront of a (new) human experience where we get to establish and create new foundations for who we want to be and where we’re going because things are not the way they used to be

we live in a constantly changing world - we CAN’T EXPLORE AND SET FORTH ON A NEW PATH IF we'RE TRYING TO FOLLOW OLD WAYs. that's called stuck and it's boring and frustrating

conversation 2 @ 11:00 am (MDT)

Traveling changes you and imprints you with nuances. It can also fill the soul with story and true purpose. 

Here, we'll chat about Lola's travels around the world and her photographic essays as she's worked alongside international NGOs to raise awareness and funds to uplift and empower girls specifically in India. 

Lola: Global photographer, Storyteller, Mother

Women, particularly in a CEO role, have both a fragility and power within them - they struggle to feel confident and to own their power yet are already functioning and leading in high-level roles. 

Some would say a woman's lack of confidence is an extremely powerful hidden secret. 

Here, our chat will crisscross the territory of fragility and the power within women leading, and the cry to feel good enough.

Dana: Business Coach, Freedom Architect to Women CEOs

conversation 3 @ 1:00 pm (MDT)

When a woman knows her purpose, and can embody a deep sense of worthiness and a good "vibe", the success that can be possible is tremendous, impactful and beautiful. 

Here, we'll chat purpose, worthiness and the effect of embodying spirituality as a vehicle to deeper intimacy with oneself, life, money, business and success. 

Christina: Founder of Spiritual Business School, Energy Teacher, Yogi, Mother

 Dana Corey - USA
The Fragility and Power Within 

Christina Waschkies - Germany
The Alluring Vibe of Success 

conversation 4 @ 3:00 pm (MDT)

Lola Wallace - USA
Women through the World's Lens

Women have cycles, they have children, and they have a particular way to act and be that's best for them yet systems have been created without acknowledgement or understanding for this.

Here, we'll acknowledge women as cyclical and rhythmic beings, the possibility of systemic change, and a consideration of psychedelics and how that can play into growth, healing and development for all. 

Tanja: Doctor, Speaker, Mother

Dr. Tanja Schomann - Global
Women's way forward

conversation 1 @ 9:00am (MDT)

conversation 6 @7:00 pm (MDT)

Kate Kripke - USA
Women - Thriving Together

Inspired women inspire other women, and that's what the world so badly needs - community, kindness and women working alongside other women to make a positive difference.  

Here, we'll discuss the challenges with building and being in community, and focus our attention on how to thrive together because the world needs women doing well, and doing it together. 

Kate: Coach, Author, Community-Builder, Mother

Women feeling ok with being themselves can sound simple, but it's quite complex. Each woman is different in how they experience life yet we all share something similar - to be OK with ourselves and to feel like we belong. 

Here, we'll chat on what it means to belong, and how this longing is helping us feel and experience the mystery and beauty in all things. 

Amna: Transformational NLP Expert, Speaker, Mother 

Who's Talking

conversation 5 @ 5:00 pm(MDT)

Amna Gull - UK 
The Mystery and Beauty in All things