Since 2008, this work has provided the methods, tools and community to help you feel better about yourself and what you’re doing in the world.

What's possible now is nothing short of greatness.

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Limiting beliefs are like wearing really dirty glasses which can distort possibility, opportunity, choice, success and freedom. Transforming beliefs, blocks and limitations is critical so that you can have the best possible outcome in life, love and business. 

Everything offered here teaches specific tools so that in five months or five years from now you’re still reaping the benefits of our time together. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

I believe: as we change beliefs and identity, the world positively changes as a result of it. As we change our minds, we change the world too. 

What a woman believes about herself shapes what she ultimately believes about the world and what is or isn't possible. 

More Wealth, More Worth

An 8-week COURSE, with me, ON creating a better RELATIONSHIP with money


More Clarity, More Confidence

A 4-week Self-study COURSE to gain clarity and Steady confidence if you're stuck

Gain Clarity, Transform Blocks, Welcome Success

A 2-hour private session with ashley on Zoom


*limited availability

New Directions Retreat

the path:


I believe nature is the most powerful companion, healer and teacher helping us get back to what matters most, and this is where I host all of my retreats - in astoundingly beautiful places close to the sacred pilgrimage paths around the world.

What are The Paths?

“The Paths” as I call them are pilgrimage paths around the world that have pulled thousands of people together for centuries in search of more meaning and direction. 

In 2014, I held my first client retreat in Lagos, Portugal along the pilgrimage path of Camino de Santiago. It was here I decided to forever trade hideous conference rooms for beautiful villas, forests and the holy pilgrimage paths. When we’re in Europe, we trek the pilgrimage paths in France, Portugal and Italy. When we’re in the USA, we wander the quiet and majestic mountains of the Colorado Rockies. 

A luxurious retreat at a picturesque 13th century Italian village celebrating beauty, community, and the green gem of Italy (Umbria) while rediscovering yourself and what you want in life now.

Umbria, Italy — October 2023

Way of St. Francis or Via Di Francesco

The details:

Into the Wild - The Rockies

the path:

A stunning retreat exploring the pristine Colorado Rockies with dark skies, horses, empty forest and wildflowers all while reconnecting with what is wild, beautiful and what matters most for you.

Colorado, USA — June 2023

Discovering the Majestic and Wild Rockies

The details:


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