More Wealth, More Worth
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Join this 8-week live course with me, Ashley, to transform your relationship with money

a Path to Having more money, self-Worth and choice

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to have a better relationship with money yet still feel stuck, you're in the right place

There’s a better way forward...

Money (along with sex and life’s purpose) is a very charged topic and I'll share the key tools needed to change your relationship with money

There are tools and techniques (not ideas and theories) to transform limiting money beliefs that hinder true success and affluence

This work goes beyond pop spirituality or the "manifest anything" hype. There is a more sustainable, effective and workable way forward

With the right tools and support, you bypass the need for willpower and positive change can become more automatic

About the program

Course start date:
Wednesday, March 15th

LIVE CALLS - Wednesdays
STARTING March 15th 2023 - May 3rd 2023
10:00 am MST (Denver timezone)

Since 2008, this work has helped women around the world in their reach for a better life. 

This course, community and the work we’ll do together is highly supportive, respectful, engaging and the results are tangible and sometimes miraculous.

Because all things change when we change. 

If you'd like to transform unconscious, sticky limiting beliefs and patterns around money, self-worth and what you believe is possible, please join me for 8-weeks of transformation, support and dare I say fun. 

Here’s how this works

This 8-week journey helps you create a new relationship with money in a whole new exciting way

Having a better relationship with money is possible

The three pillars of this work

Get clear with what you want

transform beliefs and identity

Create an abundant future



Clarity: What Do You Want

— Clarify what you want specifically in regards to money
— Discover why you want this which only fuels empowered action forward

— Learn what beliefs are so you're empowered with knowledge and effective tools for future change
— Discover your core conscious / unconscious limiting beliefs around money and start to transform them

You & Money 

— Learn what money is other than a headache or something other people have
— Create your own definition of success so it's personal, specific to you and more attainable


— Learn how self-worth and money are enmeshed in unhealthy limiting ways 
— Start to bolster your sense of worthiness so you can get paid more of what your work is worth 

Trust Money

— Create new pathways of trust even if they're not currently available 
— Learn more ways to bolster your sense of trust with money


— Learn THE most powerful hidden blocks that sabotage your success, money and abundance
— Understand how to transform sabotage into conscious empowered action


— Learn specifically how to get into good communication and relationship with money so there's more harmony or flow
— Start to soothe fear, worry, anxiety and disbelief 

Create the Future

— Learn how to manifest in a way that works - we work with the brain for the best possible outcome
— Create new healthy and automatic behaviors and set forth on a new path of money

Results from this Program

Better jobs, more savings, more time off, more rest, better quality work, promotions, more freedom

More courage, choice and possibility 

More positive change, less struggle

Better communication and rapport with money - money is energy and it is powerful

Less debt, poor spending habits, shame, guilt, despair and anxiety

More self-worth to ask for what you want 

More trust to do what you want because you have a newfound understanding of money 

Empowering beliefs that are re-wired at the neurological level so you don't have to work so hard

An expansive future not bound by past "failure" or setback

Tools to soothe fear, distrust and worry when the energy or flow of money shifts 

More courage charging for your work or asking for more money

Who this course is for:

You’ve tried a lot of different things to have a better relationship with money - but you're still stuck and confused

You want to learn tools and techniques (not ideas and theories) so you can change your relationship with money

You like to learn, are willing to do the work and are curious 

Who this course is NOT for:

You're not willing to do the work and you don't want results

You need a proper business coach for the nuts and bolts of building or running a business

You need financial strategy like budgeting, debt reduction, retirement advice, how to invest, etc. (You invest in this before you invest in them)

What’s Included

guiding you along this journey helping you transform your relationship to money

8-weeks with me Ashley, your master coach


that includes videos, audios, slides and PDFs to support your growth.

8 x modules of transformational curriculum


that are highly effective so the change you want becomes automatic and easy - these are the golden nuggets of everything I offer and where things really change for good

Change-pieces: specific exercises created from neuroscience


working towards having a better relationship with money. You’ll learn 10 x as much by being in a group setting and meet wonderful women from all over the globe

Community: join women from around the world


"I spent three weeks abroad on holiday and still had the best month in my business ever while enjoying time away with my daughter. I learned how to slow down and still be successful. Thank you Ashley". - Marketing & Coaching

Cornelia Schanda


"I have creatively paid off six-figures of debt, expanded my retirement, received a promotion and double my savings which is incredible. Hallelujah. I now associate money to my new sense of self-worth and self-love". - Health Care

Megan Houston

united states

"Your coaching is more valuable than the 5 years of marketing/business continuing education, and 3 years of business classes in acupuncture school. Thank you for the honest work Ash". - Wellness & Health Advisor

Winslett Carr

united states

Every Wednesday at 10:00 am MST (Denver) we’ll hop on Zoom so you can get support, ask questions and get support. Don’t worry if you’re not in Denver, all calls will be recorded for you to listen back and I’ll be available to answer any of your questions.

This is a guided course and I'll be with you each step of the way to help you create a new relationship with money.

Course participation is very limited to ensure a high-touch, high-learning transformational experience. 

Q + A calls

Course start date:

OUR FIRST LIVE CALL IS ON wednesday March 15th, 2023
10:00 am MST (Denver timezone)

Have Questions?

Have Questions?

Q: Is this a live course hosted by Ashley or DIY?
A: This is a live course hosted by Ashley Paquin - your master coach, educator and master NLP practitioner 

Q: How long is the course? 
A: 8-weeks. Our first live coaching call is on Wednesday, March 15. You will have eight consecutive weeks with the last Q + A call on Wednesday - May 3, 2023.

Q: Why are the live Q + A calls in the morning? 
A: This course serves a global community and it’s the best time to work across multiple time zones.  

Q: What's included in this course? 
A: An 8-week online course filled with transformational curriculum (audio, vidoes, slides, PDFs and some homework), weekly Q + A calls with Ashley and a global community from around the world. 

Q: How much time do I need per week to do this course? 
A: Each week consists of about 4 videos (sometimes more). Each video is about 10 minutes long. Allow 2 hours per week. 

Q: How is this different from other courses? 
A: Courses are strategically designed to help you revise at a neurological level what's creating the experience you're having. Ashley is sharing the tools and techniques, not ideas and theories, so you can finally have the positive change you want with a lot less struggle or need for willpower. 

Q: Can I pay in installments? 
A: Yes. You will see the option to pay in installments. Please note though you end up paying slightly more if you go for the installment option.

Q: How long do I have access to the course? 
A: The course is designed to be consumed in 8-weeks. After the 8-weeks is up, you’ll graduate and lose access to the course.

Q: Do I get lifetime access? 
A: No, sorry. Ashley is constantly investing in her skill-set and tools to be a great practitioner, and things become obsolete and/or recreated with time. 

Q: How long has Ashley been doing this kind of work? 
A: Since 2008, so for about 15 years. 

Q: How active is Ashley in this course? 
A: Very. Each week you have the option to join Ashley live for an hour for the Q + A session. This isn't a course where you can invest and get lost in as course attendance is kept small for a high-touch experience. 

Q: What if I can’t make the live Q&A calls?
A: That’s ok. Do the course work. That’s the most important thing. You can submit your questions to which Ashley will answer them. Calls will be recorded for replay. 

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee. 

Simply drop us an email if you feel this isn't a good fit. 

We want you to have the best possible outcome with money, and we truly believe you will love this course and the transformations as a result of it. 

Money Back Guarantee

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