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 If you're a growth and success-minded woman at a crossroads needing confidence, clarity and a clear direction forward...
You're in the right place

Women are true creators and we need more of them doing well. 

When you're confident, clear and purpose-forward - life can and will open up in miraculous ways... 

New jobs, more joy, more excitement for life, clearer goals, more self-love and self-respect...

More opportunities and chance meetings, better decision making and confidence, more wellness, more community and a feeling of belonging...

More honor, more money and courage to take risks, more respect and giving back, and more confidence in yourself, skills and where we're going. 

Foundations is a transformational course and community, and it's a path out of feeling stuck or lost in life. 

Foundations is a 3-step tried-and-true process to help you: develop confidence, clearly and specifically define your purpose, and get clear with what you now want (with a whole lot of belly laughs because you have to have fun while changing the world). 

I created Foundations after 15 years of working with women and noticing similar pain points: stuck, confused, a desire to help, lack of confidence and a need to belong and feel OK in themselves. 

What is Foundations?

Why This:

If you're stuck, lost and confused...
Support and a way forward are here

The simple & effective 3-step process

develop Confidence

Define your purpose

get clear

The signature 3-step process:

Develop Confidence

— Start to transform limiting beliefs getting in the way of you having the life you want
— Learn how to feel confident in a way that doesn't require willpower because that's exhausting and unsustainable

— Start to develop more confidence and ease and learn how to thrive through change

— Find the gifts within current challenges so the past doesn't keep creating the future 

Define Your Purpose

— Define your purpose specifically and outside of the context of your career. You'll write this into 1 sentence in celebration of your North Star

— Infuse your life with new possibility - leave behind despair, confusion, longing and inertia

— Identify 3 key areas of your life to help frame goals, desire and motivation

— Wash away the agony of feeling lost, confused, sad, worried or stuck in fear 

Get Clear

— Get clear with what you want specifically through my incredibly helpful and simple process (even if you're really stuck)

— Learn how to work through sabotage or procrastination with a tool grounded in neuroscience so you don't slip back 

— Gain perspective on your goals and direction in life at a time when many women are rethinking their priorities and careers

— Identify specific goals as a result of your confidence, purpose and clarity. This helps create the future you have been searching for

Results from this Program

Gain specific clarity around what you want and why

Write your soul's purpose into 1 sentence and outside of the context of your career because if you lose your job then what?

Experience less struggle, setback or fear

Join women from around the world and find new friendships and partnerships 

Soothe doubt, shame, guilt, loneliness, despair, agony, sleepless nights and anxiety

Transform your most limiting belief between you and what you want

Welcome more choice and possibility in spite of what's going on because we still need people doing well and affecting change

Learn specific tools to help you navigate life's ups and downs with grace and resilience 

Celebrate newfound energy and vitality as you trade pain for possibility and expansion

Hi. I'm Ashley Paquin. Since 2008, I've work with hundreds of women around the world doing this work.

I’m a certified, trained and experienced life coach, health coach, mindfulness teacher (through Google) and a master NLP practitioner.

I've studied specifically how humans work, and refined my skillset which leans heavily on neuroscience to help you achieve the change you want with less struggle. We cut through the smoke and mirrors of personal development and pop spirituality, and focus on what works ,)

I have devoted 25+ years to my own personal development, and built a successful global coaching practice the bootstrap way long before Instagram was a thing.

Join me, Ashley: 

Who this course is for:

- You’re a growth and success-minded woman (maybe in a role of leadership) and you're stuck or at a crossroads

- You've tried a lot of different things to have the change you want but you're still not making progress or have reached a new plateau

- You invest in yourself, are able to invest in yourself and know the value of investing in yourself

Who this course is NOT for:

- You're not willing to do the work or to use the tools offered. You'd prefer to complain

- You need a proper business coach  or therapist

- You're OK being in the same place a year from now

- You're a brand new business owner and need strategy to profit

What’s Included

guiding you along this journey helping you 

3-months with me Ashley, your master coach


that includes videos, audios, slides and PDFs to support your growth

Modules of transformational curriculum


that are highly effective so the change you want becomes automatic and easy - these are the golden nuggets of everything I offer and so your success bypasses the need for willpower

Change-pieces: specific exercises created from neuroscience


working towards having a life and business they love. You’ll learn 10 x as much by being in a group setting and meet wonderful women from all over the globe

Community: join women from around the world


"This course helped get clear with my what I'm doing with my photography. I’m passionate about education and empowerment for women and girls in countries where they have little rights, and will use my photos to tell their story." - Photographer

Lola Wallace

united states

"I’ve found my purpose, bought a house, got married and celebrated my 40th birthday with great friends. This has been truly transformative and I will always be grateful that you’ve guided me on this path". 

Angie DaBü


"Your coaching is more valuable than the 5 years of marketing/business continuing education, and 3 years of business classes in acupuncture school. Thank you for the honest work Ash". - Wellness & Health Advisor

Winslett Carr

united states

"I have creatively paid off six-figures of debt, expanded my retirement, received a promotion and double my savings which is incredible. Hallelujah. I now associate money to my new sense of self-worth and
self-love". - Senior Director

Megan Houston

united states

"I can actually do anything, and I'm more than capable. At first, this was a pep talk but after three weeks of doing this work with Ashley, I actually believe this. I can do anything. I have never felt this happy, anchored or loved in my life". - Design

Jessica Rogers

united kingdom

"I feel more like “myself” -- like the myself that hasn’t been here for a while, maybe decades, maybe ever, but THIS is the truest “myself” I’ve been and am becoming". This is pretty great". - Consulting

Casey Carr

united states

This is a guided course and I'll be with you each step of the way. This is a high-touch, high-learning transformational experience that surpasses most other courses for it's efficacy and (lasting) results.

Every Tuesday there are two group coaching calls at 9:30 am and 4:30 pm (Denver) where you can ask questions, get help and be in community with women.

There is also Slack channel for even more support and to engage with community.

Personalized Support from Ashley

When can we start?

When you say "yes, I'm in!"


12-weeks together
personalized support
investment: $2,997
Payment options ✓

Have Questions?

Have Questions?

Q: Is this a live course hosted by Ashley or DIY?
A: It's both. There's a recorded online component, but Ashley is with you each week to support your growth.

Q: How long is the course? 
A: 12-weeks. 

Q: Will I really get the changes I need in just 3-months? 
A: Yes, and that is dependent on your participation. Do the coursework, see changes. Don't do the coursework, that's also OK but you won't see the changes. This course has worked for hundreds of women for almost two decades. Ashley used to teach this program in just 2 months so yes, it's effective. 

Q: What's included in this course? 
A: A 12-week online course filled with transformational curriculum (audio, videos, slides, PDFs and some homework), weekly Q + A calls with Ashley and a global community from around the world. 

Q: Is there refund policy?
A: Yes. You have 7-days to request a refund if this course isn't right for you. 

Q: How much time do I need per week to do this course? 
A: Each week consists of about 2 videos (sometimes more). Each video is about 10 minutes long. Allow 1 hour per week. 

Q: How is this different from other courses? 
A: Courses are strategically designed to help you revise at a neurological level what's creating the experience you're having - so we're not working stuff at the logical level per se. Ashley is sharing the tools and techniques, not ideas and theories, so you can finally have the positive change you want with a lot less struggle or need for willpower. 

Q: Can I pay in installments? 
A: Yes. You will see the option to pay in installments. Please know you do end up paying slightly more if you go for the installment option.

Q: How long do I have access to the course? 
A: The course is designed to be consumed in 12-weeks. After the 12-weeks is up, you’ll graduate and lose access to the course and Slack channel.

Q: Do I get lifetime access? 
A: No, sorry. Ashley believes "lifetime access" is an impossible deliverable therefore not honest. Ashley is constantly investing in her skill-set and tools to be a great practitioner, and things become obsolete and/or recreated with time. 

Q: How long has Ashley been doing this kind of work? 
A: Since 2008, so for about 15 years. 

Q: How active is Ashley in this course? 
A: Very. Each week you have the option to join Ashley live for an hour for the Q + A session. 

Q: What if I can’t make the live Q&A calls?
A: That’s ok. Do the course work and you're welcome to post a question on the Slack channel so Ashley can answer you. The most important part to this course is the actual course work presented online. Calls will be recorded for replay. 

If you feel that this program could support you, I'd love to connect with you and see if it's a great fit. There's no pressure either way.

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 If you're a growth and success-minded woman at a crossroads needing confidence, clarity and a clear direction forward...

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