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Thinking that limits you, denies you

“Thinking that limits you denies you life. In order to deconstruct the inner prison, the first step is learning to see that it is a prison. You can move in the direction of this discovery by reflecting on the places where your life feels limited and tight. To recognize the crippling feeling of being limited […]


Love Thyself – Easier Said Than Done?

Finding a way to get comfortable with the biggest hurt you have is an incredibly tender and profound way to have the most loving relationship with yourself. Is it easier said than done though? Trying to get rid of the parts of you that survived X, Y and Z, is like trying to push a […]


Money is an Amplifier

Money is certainly something most people think about, worry on and want more of. Money is a very charged topic to say the least, and can act as an amplifier. Money amplifies what is already going on. Feeling unworthy to have what you want and need? How might this be showing up in your relationship […]


To have something new, there’s a tradeoff

In pursuit of a better life – new job, relationship, less stuff, less fear, better health – we are asked to give up something near and dear to us.  It’s the tradeoff of change.  In order to have something new and good, there needs to be a letting go of what got you this far.  […]


All things change when we change

The basis of this work and a fundamental belief around here held in regards to people, their reach for a better life and their desire to feel better.  In brief, largely what we experience in life is a mirrored reflection of what we have going on inside.  There’s a very technical term for this called […]

Life, Purpose

Strengthen who you are and your stance in the world

Stance is a way in which we can hold ourselves mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically in regards to, in consideration of or in response to people, events or experiences.   Stance can be especially useful if you’re the kind of person that’s easily overwhelmed by people or things going on, or if you’re sensitive to what […]